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Marketing Luncheons

The Civic Outreach luncheons are three times a year. The newly greeted executives and new business owners, as well as the Civic outreach sponsors, are all invited to attend. Each participant gives a one minute speech on their business. New executives can include information on where they moved from. The luncheons provide a professional business networking environment where valuable social and business contacts are made.

Next Luncheon

Tuesday, October 17th, 2023

hosted at Civic Outreach Headquarters | 5476 NE Hwy 20

Sponsored by Corvallis Sport & Spine Physical Therapy 

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A Luncheon at The Corvallis Club, 2017

March 2017 Luncheon attendees: Civic Outreach sponsor Lea Bayles & OSU Instructor Jeanne Callahan.

March 2017 Luncheon attendees: Len VanRegenmorter and Hildy Van Regenmorter parents of linda Van Powell


Happy Luncheon Attendees

Linda, WOW!  You are amazing.  It was such a pleasure to be a guest at the Civic Outreach Fall luncheon.  The gift of making one feel welcome is a true blessing for those of us on the receiving end.  Thanks for all that you do for Corvallis.

Marty Fulfard

Linda, I just closed and received the keys on my first ever house and you connected me with the right people to make it possible through Civic Outreach.   Specifically meeting two of your sponsors at your luncheon: Town and Country Realtor Teri Zalesky and Knight Financial Mortgage Owner Brook Knight.  Thank you for greeting me and connecting me with such solid professionals.  I look forward to attending other Civic outreach events because you always gather such a high caliber of individuals.(2015)

Erica Jensen,

Accountant, Spectrum CPA Group

Welcoming Executive Leadership

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