What is Civic Outreach?

Civic Outreach is an upscale public relations program, founded in 1975, as a dignified, effective networking vehicle for business and professional people. It is targeted and personal, offering selected sponsors an opportunity to be the sole representative of their business or professional category in welcoming newcomer executives and new business owners to their city.

   Sponsor selection is influenced by the status of the individual in the business or professional community, and the degree of civic involvement the person has demonstrated.

   Civic Outreach is not an advertising or marketing program. Advertising tells people about a product or service, but public relations tells them they may believe the advertising, that you are a good person with whom to do business. Public relations is our job, and we do it well.

  People do business with people, and Civic Outreach alone offers a one-on-one introduction to newcomers in your marketplace. At our luncheons, sponsors have the opportunity to meet personally with people welcomed in their name.

   A pioneer in recognizing the challenges involved in a career move, Civic Outreach is in its third decade of providing selected Oregon cities with professional welcoming services for incoming business professionals and executives. Our purpose is to make the transition into the area pleasurable for new business leaders, by introducing them to highly reputable, established business leaders who feel this is important as a resource for newcomers.

“Linda is an outstanding ambassador for her clients and is passionate about making connections and helping people network in the community. We have been a proud client of Linda’s and Civic Outreach sponsor for many years.” Bill Humphreys

President, Citizens Bank

Linda Van Powell presenting a “Grow with Me” thank you to the Corvallis Mayor Biff Traber
Linda is involved…
Welcoming Executive Leadership
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