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These vendors provide excellent products and services to the Corvallis/Benton Country area.

In addition to servicing the business needs of our professional members, our featured sponsor support Civic Outreach activities and events throughout the year. We truly appreciate them as business partners and friends of Civic Outreach!

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Photo of First Alternative Natural Foods Coop
1007 SE 3rd Street Corvallis OR 97333 Work Phone: 541-753-3115 Website:
Categories: Deli, Grocery Store
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A few words from happy sponsors…

I want to introduce you to Linda Van Powell, Civic Outreach.  Linda is a dynamic local professional who helps new families and individuals with all that Corvallis has to offer.  She has many connections throughout the community that can really assist along the way, not to mention some amazing perks that she provides in her Civic Outreach welcome packet.  We are lucky to work with Linda, and each company she considers a sponsor to her program is chosen with specific benchmarks in place.

Brooke Knight

Branch Manager of Knight Financial

“You are a wonderful ambassador for Corvallis and its business community

Gloria L. Krahn, PhD, MPH

Hi Linda,

I want to THANK YOU for all the hard work and effort you put into Civic Outreach. I have only been a sponsor for about 1 year and already it has made a huge impact on my personal life.

I went to a luncheon last year and someone said “Civic Outreach is like having a personal Rolodex to the best professional in town. Linda has already done the work in screening them for you. All you have to do is call.” I love that and that statement is very true!

Sometimes we do this great work that we are passionate about and wonder if we are really making the impact we feel in our heart. You are doing it Linda! I am grateful for your work, your smiles on Facebook, and just knowing that you are bringing the best of the best of the table for all of us to enjoy.  Thank you!  I can’t express to you enough right now how much I appreciate you! Keep up the good work! You’re making a difference!

With Extreme Gratitude,


Dawn Duerksen

Communities thrive on positive relationships. This is true for people and businesses alike. Through Linda’s incredible work with Civic Outreach these professional relationships can flourish. Every individual I have seen her interact with is treated with respect, passion, and sincerity. Networking is one of the most valuable, and difficult skill sets any executive can hope to perfect. The guidance, comradery, and opportunity Civic Outreach provides makes networking and collaboration so much easier. These attributes combine to create a vehicle for positive growth in our community.  Thanks!


Joel Gustafson

Brand Manager, First Alternative Co-Op


Our family just celebrated our one year anniversary of moving to Corvallis. Many months ago you greeted me over coffee at Coffee Culture (now a favorite spot for our whole family). So many things have been checked off our list since landing here (new doctors, dentists, kids enrolled in schools and so much more).

What I came to appreciate so much about your referral list was that it was a WELL CURATED! In an age of information overload, your hand-picked list saved me so much time and effort. Because you personally introduced yourself and shared that you are a long time resident and local business owner I trusted your carefully picked referral list infinitely more than a Google search. Thank you for what has proven to be a very handy, time-saving resource!

Let’s do something extraordinary, Jenny

Jenny Hawkins

Independent National Director & Founding Leader, India Hicks

I want to reiterate how incredible your services are to a business like mine and how appreciative I am for the amount of time you have put in and the connections you have facilitated. They have made an Incredible difference already for my business. Thank you.”

Danielle Anthony